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With over 25 years of experience, I have had many opportunities to play the drums. Whether it has been playing in a band or in Nashville I still love the feeling of locking into a solid groove with other musicians.  I have the privilege of playing for various bands, being a drum coach, and being a freelance drummer. No matter the opportunity to play the drums I always seek to play with Time & Taste.

I currently live in Fortuna, CA with my wife and 4 boys. We are self-supporting missionaries which allow us to serve the local and global church. I have also spent time studying the Biblical Languages (Greek, and Hebrew). I publish my writings and teachings at MusicaTheologica. No matter what I do in life I seek to: Glorify God & Make Disciples – All for the Sake of the Gospel.


Vintage Rogers Refurbished 1960’s Shells
12″ Tom; 13″ Tom; 16″ Tom; 22″ Bass
Zildjian 20″ K Custom Dark Ride
Zildjian 14″ K Custom Dark Hi-Hats
Sabian 19″ AAX X-Plosion Crash
Sabian 14″ AAX X-Plosion Crash
Dream 19″ Vintage Bliss Crash/Ride
Hybrid Gear
Roland SPD-s
DRM EARZ DRM-1 (Custom Mold In-Ear Monitors)
Vic Firth/PROMARK Mallets & Brushes
Zildjian 7A (non-dipped)
Other Gear
Paper From Heaven Stick Roll
Tascam DR-40
Avantone ADM Dynamic Snare Drum Microphone
Avantone MONDO Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone


Scotia Band | Tommy Niemann | TJ Cople | Illumination Project | Greg Moore | Travis Brooks | Jamie Joyce | American Idiot Musical @ William Peace University | SEBTS Contemporary Music Ensembles | Crimson Letters (Becca Sophier, Allison Sophier, Joe Slunaker) | The Pride of West Valley Drum Tech | RSVP Jazz (Sat in for Sean Raymond) | A String of Prayers (Jazz Band) | Nashville Studio/Session Musician | Guy Lee | Scott Steele | John Richards | Rich Armentraut | Superconductors | Clint Alphin | Steve Wiley |Fletch and Jason Peterson | Steve Luscombe (Dogwood  Festival 2010) | The Ron Hallamore Band | Lewis Putnum | Scotty Leavenworth | John A. Carter | Dave Kizzare | Danelle Pagan | Brittany Risplaje | Beau Rispaleje | Chris Matson | Started Playing at age 10 in 1993 | Elementary Band | Gage Middle School Concert Band | Riverside Poly Orchestra | Riverside Poly Drum line | Riverside Poly Concert Band | Riverside Poly Jazz Band | California Baptist University (CBU) Musical “Something’s A Foot” | California Baptist University (CBU) Musical  “Music Man” | California Baptist University (CBU) Concert Band | Drummer for Palm Baptist Church (Riverside Ca) | Drummer for Eagle Ridge Church (Menifee Ca) | Drummer for Calvary Chapel San Jacinto – 412 (San Jacinto Ca) | Drummer for Hemet Valley Baptist Church (Hemet, Ca) | Drummer for Paradigm (HVBC) | Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) | Mike Hartland (Director of Lifeway Worship) | Dr. Joshua Waggener |