Sober Drums

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Sober Drums is a line of custom drums and gear brought to you by John Carter Drummer. You can follow me on instagram #soberdrums or @johncarterdrummer

Sober Drums Stick Rolls – A Paper From Heaven Exclusive – SOLD OUT

JohnCarterDrummer Stick Roll by PaperFromHeaven
JohnCarterDrummer Stick Roll by PaperFromHeaven

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As a drummer, I’ve always wanted a stick bag that I can access from either hand while the other hand is still playing. Whether trying to minimize the time between my stick transitions or if I drop/break a stick I want the timing to be quick and smooth. Having a stick bag hang off the tension rod on the snare drum seemed like a solution waiting to be found. Having a stick bag which provides easy access for either hand makes sense.

$XXX Sober Drums – Stave Drums (Coming Soon!)

A Dream  (2010) in the making. Creating a stave drum drum from reclaimed wine barrels. Oak as a drum is unique. Oak is a hardwood and as a wine barrel, it has been aged for years. This exciting feature will give the drum great sound characteristics not usually found in new drums. The most aesthetically appealing aspect of the drum will be that the drum stain/finish will be the wine which has permeated into the oak. Eventually, this line will expand to other barrels that have contained other wines and liquors- Bourbon, whiskey, maybe even the occasional beer.