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As an artist the last thing you want is a musician backing you up who plays poorly or who plays over you; by playing with Time & Taste I don’t do that. Time &Taste is what I consider to be the fundamentals of drumming.

A drummer needs to have good Time so the band stays together and the sound is cohesive. Everything the drummer plays needs to be in good Taste. There is a difference between showboating and drum fills. With me on the drum throne you will get a drummer who shows up early, can play to a click track, already knows the music, acts professionally, and knows how to groove.



Using a Metronome (Internal/External Clock): All great drummers are rock solid when setting the groove.

Reading Charts(Music): The ability to read music allows for a quicker grasp of where the music is going.

Character: On Time and prepared for gigs, performances, and practices.


Stick Control/Rudiments: Rudiments are the very foundation of everything a drummer plays.

Style: Knowing the difference between being a drummer who show boats and a drummer who plays as a musician.

Groove: It’s there or it’s not.

Equipment: The right thing for the right song.