I Scream Therefore I Am

I Scream Therefore I Am JohnCarterDrummer dot Com - Cross Process2
Picture Courtesy of Oh Miggi @ ohmiggi.wordpress.com

While recording old reel to reel audio tapes into digital files I have been listening to this guy named Francis Schaeffer talk about music, art and philosophy. In these recordings Schaeffer goes to great length to show how all good art and music speaks with a philosophy in mind. This made me start to think about the music style of some of my favorite metal bands (For Today, My Epic, Gideon, Sinai Beach).

As I was thinking about some of the bands that I like listening to I began to ask, why are they screaming? And it hit me, because our society has removed meaning from language. Instead of words and language having any meaning we have devalued them into relative personal beliefs. This means that when I talk no one is really listening because I’m not really saying anything real. So I wonder, is the louder amps, the louder drums, and the louder vocals all an attempt to get people’s attention? Are we getting loud to be heard because we are tired of being told that we have no meaning? Are we trying to prove our existence by the volume of our vocals?

I don’t think loud should go away, but did a culture of non-meaning drive a generation to scream for meaning?

Shoot me your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “I Scream Therefore I Am

  1. John, great observations. As a culture, the West has drifted far into relativism to the point that everything is relative, including truth and language. At least two things result. One, universal truth is done away with,and what is true for one is not necessarily true for all; there are no universals. And two, there are no universal concepts in language by which we can actually communicate with others. People use the same words but each has their own personal meaning, or content behind them, and therefore understanding is nil. The only thing left is volume by which we can be heard and noticed. We may not be understood, but at least our existence is recognized.

    The Word of God, the Truth (John 17:17), cuts through the noise and presents truth and meaning to those who will here and obey. It reveals to us the very thoughts and intentions behind what we do (Hebrews 4:12), and points us to our Creator, the Author of Truth.


    1. Well said! 😉 And considering the importance that God places on the spoken word (creation, Jesus, preaching of the Gospel), it is no wonder that the world seeks to devalue meaning and in the same effort devalue existence.

      Thanks for your words.

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