How Being Creative Matures My Faith


Guest Article By Becca Sophier | ‘Creativity Breeds Creativity‘ Series
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Growing up in church, I was always searching for a way to “fit in” to make friends. After years of rejection, I grew to realize, I wasn’t created to “fit in” but to stand out. Jesus was an outcast, wherever He went, everyone knew. He could be in the middle of a massive crowd, but spotted immediately, the same needs to go for us. As followers of Christ, we are called to be sanctified, or set apart, so those around us will immediately spot the “difference.” So besides being a Christian who goes to church and serves in the body of Christ, how do we live in such a way to stand out even among Christians?

Live like Christ.

I’ve found boldly expressing my creativity is a good way to put that in to practice in my life. As a songwriter, I recognize the importance of expressing my own creativity. Imitating what someone else is doing is not challenging us to be the way God made us to be. And sometimes, the unique part of what makes our voice special, gets lost in the crowd.

Exercising creativity pushes us out of the mold and gives us the freedom to grow spiritually and mentally. When we continue to challenge ourselves, we find a determination to push through obstacles that stand in our way.
God has given each of us a unique voice to use for His glory. Doing things differently from the rest of the world pushes us to fulfill the desire to be more like Christ and to see the beauty within ourselves.

I have grown to understand following Christ and growing in spiritual maturity go hand-in-hand with challenging ourselves to be creative. God gives us the boldness to shine His Light, we just have to have the courage to shine our own unique color of it.

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