So you think I’m a good drummer…

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“You’re a good drummer!”

I have heard this phrase often. And I appreciate it every time. It lets me know that I am pursuing a craft and excelling at it. Unlike Rudy, the 15 second football player, I am putting time and energy into something that is worth my time and energy. So whether I am practicing, transcribing drum charts, coaching drum students, playing various shows and gigs, or even studying the philosophy of drumming, every time I hear a compliment I am reminded that I am not wasting my time and energy.

So if I am a good drummer, am I worthy to be supported to continue in this craft? Does my work and contribution to your music experience add value? If so, would you consider supporting me this craft?

Although I am a drummer, my end game is not to be the world greatest drummer. Buddy Rich already filled that spot. And there are many closer to filling that spot than I anticipate being anytime soon. However, supporting me as a drummer is also supporting me to continue to improve as a drummer, increase the quality of the content I contribute to the drumming community and to do some other unrelated tasks.

If you haven’t already, please watch the video below and visit to pledge your monthly support.

Thanks you!

John Carter Drummer

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