As a musician, and even more so as a person, this year brought a lot of highs and a lot of challenges. I can’t say I handled each situation with the delicacy and tact necessary. But I did learn and grow through many of those situations. So now I am sitting here having a moment of contemplation as I listen to what Spotify says are my top songs of 2016. Whether or not these truly are my songs it is amazing as I sit hear listening to mountains of memories and emotions flood my heart and ears. With delight, I am amazed that so many things went well. It is nothing short of the spectacular that I survived so many other things.

It’s pleasantly satisfying that these songs can in a very subtle, but real way, remind me of moments that I otherwise forgot about. I know that these songs will not have the same emotive weight on you as they do me, but as a way of sincerity I want to offer you these songs to listen to. Maybe, just maybe these songs will encourage, inspire or even move you in a more articulate way. Music is a powerful creative tool that we have been given the responsibility to steward well. So I encourage you to take a moment to enjoy the fruit of other musicians who have recorded for us their attempts at crafting masterpieces of tranquility among the storms and calms of life.


John Carter Drummer

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