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What a Bass Player Wants

Greg Moore HOUSEGuest Article By Greg Moore | ‘Creativity Breeds Creativity‘ Series
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Music is the greatest gift God has created here on earth! The fact that we, the musicians all over the world, get the opportunity to express this gift in the palm of our hands is simply amazing. Hi, I’m Greg Moore from Durham, North Carolina! I absolutely LOVE playing the bass guitar and everything else that comes along on this journey. The bass sometimes can be overlooked as an instrument that gives only a simple sound. My friends that is never the case, bass is to be looked at as the bottom heavy groove portion of the music, one of the top melodic stringed instruments to ever exist, and a simple yet challenging instrument all in one! I’m extremely humbled and forever grateful to God for the blessings I’ve experienced in my 10 years of playing. Within these 10 years, there are a few pointers I would like to share from the mind of a bass player.

It’s very important that whenever we receive a phone call for a gig that we must have a “team player” mindset while playing along with the keyboardist, guitarist, drummer, horn players, vocalist, lead singer, and whomever is a part of the band. Never take that moment to overpower everyone else on stage, not allowing the music to breathe, or playing lick after lick on top of the verbatim every 10 seconds. Staying in your lane is a phrase I use to encourage us musicians to always play our part in the music and have fun while doing it! Another big thing a bass player want’s is a good drummer with a pocket! The bass and drums go hand in hand in every genre, it truly makes the flow of the music become alive. The pocket of bass and drums becomes even stronger when you have a great connection not just on stage but also off stage. All bass players love playing out of a nice bass rig with an incredible tone. A lot of times our bass guitars carry so much depth that the tone comes out muddy depending on the amp and eventually busting the speaker all in one night. Another great asset we want is having a fantastic music director directing us through any rehearsal or engagement! Having different ideas from all the band members is fantastic, but having one leader gives a easier flow of direction anytime the band gets together. Another big thing we desire is receiving the phone call or material for the gig ahead of time. It helps a lot of musicians who are fathers, husbands, or who have lots of gigs booked have a better flow within our personal schedules. I think the biggest desire a bass player wants is to work with musicians that cause no issues, no bad attitudes, and no bad teamwork ethics at any given scenario playing with the band! Your gift can get you into some amazing doors, but your attitude will quickly have you put out. Seeing it first hand to other musicians over years is no joke. Staying humble, being yourself, being on time at rehearsals, the gig, have a clean attire, taking care of your instrument, and keeping God first will open up so many doors for you beyond what the eyes can see! At the end of the day the most important thing is to know your bass, because that’s when you can freely express yourself. I’m definitely still learning with a ways to go. But it’s an amazing process and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I hope all of you remarkable people are too! Keep following your dreams no matter what. God bless you all!!!

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DRUM CHART - CAME TO MY RESCUE JCD – Came to My Rescue – Drum Chart – Hillsong United



JCD – All The Poor and Powerless – Drum Chart – All Sons and Daughters

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How Being Creative Matures My Faith


Guest Article By Becca Sophier | ‘Creativity Breeds Creativity‘ Series
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Growing up in church, I was always searching for a way to “fit in” to make friends. After years of rejection, I grew to realize, I wasn’t created to “fit in” but to stand out. Jesus was an outcast, wherever He went, everyone knew. He could be in the middle of a massive crowd, but spotted immediately, the same needs to go for us. As followers of Christ, we are called to be sanctified, or set apart, so those around us will immediately spot the “difference.” So besides being a Christian who goes to church and serves in the body of Christ, how do we live in such a way to stand out even among Christians?

Live like Christ.

I’ve found boldly expressing my creativity is a good way to put that in to practice in my life. As a songwriter, I recognize the importance of expressing my own creativity. Imitating what someone else is doing is not challenging us to be the way God made us to be. And sometimes, the unique part of what makes our voice special, gets lost in the crowd.

Exercising creativity pushes us out of the mold and gives us the freedom to grow spiritually and mentally. When we continue to challenge ourselves, we find a determination to push through obstacles that stand in our way.
God has given each of us a unique voice to use for His glory. Doing things differently from the rest of the world pushes us to fulfill the desire to be more like Christ and to see the beauty within ourselves.

I have grown to understand following Christ and growing in spiritual maturity go hand-in-hand with challenging ourselves to be creative. God gives us the boldness to shine His Light, we just have to have the courage to shine our own unique color of it.

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Drum Lessons – Fall 2016

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I Scream Therefore I Am

I Scream Therefore I Am JohnCarterDrummer dot Com - Cross Process2
Picture Courtesy of Oh Miggi @ ohmiggi.wordpress.com

While recording old reel to reel audio tapes into digital files I have been listening to this guy named Francis Schaeffer talk about music, art and philosophy. In these recordings Schaeffer goes to great length to show how all good art and music speaks with a philosophy in mind. This made me start to think about the music style of some of my favorite metal bands (For Today, My Epic, Gideon, Sinai Beach).

As I was thinking about some of the bands that I like listening to I began to ask, why are they screaming? And it hit me, because our society has removed meaning from language. Instead of words and language having any meaning we have devalued them into relative personal beliefs. This means that when I talk no one is really listening because I’m not really saying anything real. So I wonder, is the louder amps, the louder drums, and the louder vocals all an attempt to get people’s attention? Are we getting loud to be heard because we are tired of being told that we have no meaning? Are we trying to prove our existence by the volume of our vocals?

I don’t think loud should go away, but did a culture of non-meaning drive a generation to scream for meaning?

Shoot me your thoughts below.